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Workers' Federal Credit Union was formed in 1936. Originally the field of membership was limited to Members of the Workers' Cooperative Union, Inc. in Stafford Springs, Connecticut and persons in their immediate families (now known as the Stafford Food Center). It was established as a solution to the poor financial shape that the Co-op has found itself in by extending credit to its members during the great Depression. It was determined that the credit union could make loans to the members and they would then be able to repay their debts to the Co-op.

In 1959, the credit union became located in the Co-op store. The first part time employee was hired by the Board at that time. In 1966, the first full time employee was hired, also becoming treasurer of the Board of Directors. As time went on, business at the credit union gradually improved, and in the late 1980's, Workers' Federal Credit Union moved to its current location at 70 West Stafford Road in Stafford Springs.

Today, membership is extended to anyone who lives or works in the towns of Stafford, Ellington, Somers, Tolland, Ashford, Willington or Union. The Workers’ Federal Credit Union has 9 members on the Board and 9 full time employees ready to serve all the communities listed.

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Workers' Federal Credit Union's mission is to provide competitive, high-quality financial products and services in a friendly "small town" atmosphere while remaining strong and secure.


Anyone that lives, works, worships or goes to school in the following towns are eligible to join the credit union:
Stafford, Willington, Union, Ashford, Ellington, Somers, Tolland.

Immediate family members include parents, spouses, children, brothers, sisters, grandchildren, grandparents, adoptive children, foster children and legal guardians and all of the above related to the member's spouse.

And, if you transfer to another job or move out of the area, you can retain your membership with Workers' Federal Credit Union, and continue to enjoy all the benefits as long as you are a member in good standing.


James L. Furness, Chairman

Alison Johnson, Vice Chairman
Joan Posocco, Treasurer

Kitty Arnold, Secretary

Keith Purdy, Board Member Emeritus
Kelly Ramsey, Board Member

Christopher S. Howland, Board Member
Mary Lucia, Board Member
Richard Zulick, Board Member
Wendell Avery, Esq., Board Member


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