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Workers' FCU accepts Direct Deposit of funds electronically, which provides for monies to be deposited into your Credit Union accounts or applied as payments against your loans. Through ACH your funds can be transferred to or from your account to anywhere that will accept electronic money transfers.

Members have many convent ways to order their next box of checks:
● Reorder slip can be sent to the credit union by mail
● Checks can be reordered online - Click here.
● Or you can order them by calling your Workers' FCU customer service representative

With the Workers' FCU VISA Debit Card, you can enjoy a whole new level of banking and shopping convenience. You can use this card to pay for your purchases without cash, without checks and without credit cards. And at the same time, have quick and easy access to cash and your Workers' FCU accounts

Click here to find a SUM ATM location near you.

If your debit card is lost or stolen please contact us immediately by calling 800-554-8969 24 hrs a day.

How do you apply for Direct Deposit?
Ask your company’s Human Resource, Payroll Department or payment provider if they offer this service. If so, complete their Direct Deposit Authorization Form.

You will need to specify:
● Workers' FCU routing number - 211178967.
● Your account number.
● Choose where you would like your direct deposit to go (savings or checking).

This Direct Deposit Authorization Form must be completed and returned to your employer or payment provider.

This is a service only from your Regular Share Savings Account to help cover any non-sufficient funds clearing from your Share Draft Account (checking account).

Your account can only have six overdrafts per month. If there are not sufficient funds in your account or you have overdrawn six times, checks will not clear and will be returned as non-sufficient funds. This is not a line of credit, but a method of electronically transferring funds from your Share Savings account to you checking account to cover any overdraft checks. There is a $5.00 fee for each transfer.

Wire transfers are a quick and easy way for you to send funds to another financial institution. Your funds can be wired anywhere – even to a foreign country.

Directions for outgoing Wire Transfers
When a member wants to transfer from their Credit Union account to another institution, the following is required:

Domestic Wire Transfers
● Name and address of Bank funds are going to
● Bank ABA/routing number (this number is 9 digits)
● Name and address of person funds are going to
● Account number of person funds are going to.
● Any special instructions

Foreign Wire Transfers

● New York Bank Name and address
● New York Bank ABA/routing number
● Name of Foreign Bank
● BIC/SWIFT code
● IBAN number (required for European countries only)
● Branch # of Foreign Bank
● Address and City of Foreign Bank
● Name and address of person receiving funds
● Account number of person receiving funds
● Any special instructions
● The wire transfer agreement notice must be signed.

FEES: There is a $20.00 fee for outgoing transfers and a foreign wire fee of $40.00.

Directions for incoming Wire Transfers
When a member wants funds transferred to their Credit Union account, the following information is needed:

Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union, Warrenville, IL
Routing & Transit Number – 271987635

For further credit to:
Workers’ Federal Credit Union
Account #211178967

For final credit to:
Member’s Name
Member’s Account Number at Workers’ Federal Credit Union

Amount of Wire

Cut off for same day wire transfer is 3:00p.m., otherwise it will be the next business day.

Contact receiving bank for confirmation.




Check your balances, make transfers, anywhere, anytime. Members who don’t have their computers available and need this information can call toll free from their phone 1-855-356-6789.