Share Rates


Home Equity & Mortgage Rates







Effective Date: 01/01/2018


Share Savings Secured

As Low As**

100% Share Secured

2.75% APR

50% Share Secured

5.75% APR


New Car Loans

As Low As**

New Car Loan

2.75% APR


Used Car Loans

As Low As**

5 Years old or Less

3.25% APR

6 Years old or More

5.00% APR


First Time Buyer

As Low As**


11.009% APR

5 Years or Newer

12.00% APR

6 Years or Older

13.99% APR

High Mileage

15.99% APR


High Mileage

As Low As**


8.00% APR


Motorcycles-Registered for Highway

As Low As**


7.50% APR


9.75% APR


Unsecured Loans

As Low As**

$5,000 Maximum with One Signature

11.50% APR

$10,000 Maximum with Co-Signature

11.00% APR


Smart E-Loan

As Low As**

Up to 5 Years

4.25% APR

Up to 7 Years

4.75% APR

Up to 10 Years

5.75% APR

*Interest rate is based on term and individual credit score.
**APR=Annual Percentage Rate

Refinancing an existing WFCU loan adding $1,000 or less of new money is subject to a processing fee of $50.