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• $3.95 monthly Security Fee
• No minimum balance required
• Debit Card/ATM available
• Unlimited check writing
• Monthly statements

• No withdrawal charge at SUM Network participating ATM’s


Deposits can be made:

• Payroll deduction, Direct Deposit, ACH
• Night Deposits
• Mail
• Over-the-counter at the credit union office

Withdrawals can be made:

• Over-the-counter at the credit union office
• Workers' Federal Credit Union Internet Banking


• Earn competitive dividends. Click here for current rates.
• Dividends are compounded quarterly
• Quarterly Statements

*Your savings are federally insured to $250,000.00 by National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) a United States Government Agency.
**Your credit union has made sure that no portion of your share accounts will be uninsured, up to certain legal limits. Massachusetts Credit Union Share Insurance Corporation (MSIC) insures your savings that exceed the federal deposit insurance limit generally $250,000.00 per insured account holder.



Worker Bee Accounts

It's never too early to start saving. Open up a Worker Bee account for your little one today. Children under the age of 12 can open a savings account. We will match the first $5.00 deposited in the account. Your child will receive a Worker Bee kit. For every $5.00 deposited a sticker is issued and once $100.00 is reached a prize is awarded.



Minimum Balance

Minimum balance is $500 or $1000 depending on the term.
Penalty is up to 6 months depending on the term.


Dividends are compounded monthly. All certificates are subject to an early withdrawal penalty of 6 months’ dividends depending on term.

Certificates are automatically renewed unless you instruct the credit union to do otherwise.


A Workers' Federal Credit Union VISA card is convenient and easy to use. With our low interest rates and no annual fee, you'll save money. Applying is easy! Simply come in to the Credit Union and fill out an application. Credit Lines from $300.00 to $20,000.00.


Click HERE to check out your credit card information online.


Click here for account agreement


Annual percentage Rate (APR)



Other APRs


Penalty Rate: 14.90%,
if payment goes over 60 days late.

Grace period for purchases


25 days on Average

Grace period for cash advances



Method of computing the balance for purchases


Average Daily Balance
(including new purchases)

Annual Fees



Minimum Finance Charge



Transaction Fee for Cash Advances



Balance Transfer Fee



Late Payment Fee



Return Payment Fee




The information provided was accurate as of 08/10/2016. However, it is subject to change. For current information call us as 860-684-4484.


Workers' Federal Credit Union is proud to offer our members Federally Secure Mortgage Programs - FHA, VA, Rural Housing, and Reverse Mortgages. Several Options for members looking to purchase or refinance and receive cash out. 96.5% and 100% financing available.

Purchases or Refinances with lower Fico scores and higher LTV's. Solid fixed rate loans. Also loan rehabilitation on new or current homes.

VA Mortgages
30 Year Fixed Rates 100% Financing No PMI Available on a purchases and 90% LTV cash out.

Reverse Mortgages
A valuable financial tool for seniors, 62 and older. This mortgage option gives them the opportunity to increase their monthly cash flow so they may live their life to the fullest.

Rural Housing
100% financing on purchases in small suburban/rural areas. No PMI.

Very Competitive Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Rates.

Home Equity Line of Credit - SPECIAL!


Ask About Our Fixed Rate Home Equity Special!

Interest as low as 2.75%

• Pay for Home Improvements
• Consolidate Bills
• Pay for Education
• Pay off Medical Bills
• Buy a New Car, Boat, RV, etc.

Interest on Equity Loans may be deductible!

Minimum Credit Score required. Maximum term of 84 months. Loan-to-Value 70% or less. New Loans only. WFCU Refinance ineligible.


Auto Loans
Auto loans are available with flexible terms and competitive rates. We even offer 100% financing to qualified applicants for both new and used cars. We can even pre-approve you before you go shopping.

Recreation Loans
Let the credit union help you to purchase a camper, trailer, or RV to vacation with. We can help make that happen. You’ll find that our competitive rates and convenient terms help keep your payments affordable.


Personal Loans

• Consolidate bills, pay off high-interest credit cards, or meet other expenses.
• Check rates and terms.

Secured Loans
Secure a loan with share savings and share certificates as collateral.

Christmas and Vacation Loans

Christmas Club
A great savings tool for all of your needs during the holiday season. Click here for current rates.

Vacation Club
Save for that dream vacation! Click here for current rates.

Check rates and terms


Overdraft Protection Loan

Our Overdraft Protection loan is a line of credit line from a minimum of $100 to a maximum of $1000. This loan will cover any overdrafts on your Workers' checking account whether it's a check, debit card purchase, ATM withdrawal, automatic bill payment, or any other electronic payment. The loan will cover your overdrafts in $100 increments and you only have to pay back 2.5% of the outstanding balance or $25.00 depending on which amount is greater. You only pay for it when you use it!

Find out more about our new loan today!



Smart E-Loan


Solarize or Make Energy Improvements to Your Home and SAVE!

Workers Federal Credit Union is an approved lender for the Smart E-Loan.

A residential loan product for Connecticut Homeowners to access financing for energy improvements through a partnership with Energize CT and local contractors.


Click here for current rates.


Click here to apply.